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Annabel Cresswell

Annabel Cresswell (LLB)

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Specialises in:
Criminal Law

Annabel Cresswell has been practicing criminal law exclusively for 16 years. She has focused on her strength as a jury trial lawyer in this time. She has a strong Court presence and has been described as a fearless advocate. She believes strongly in human rights and fighting for those who are wrongly accused, or marginalised by society. Annabel will represent both the advantaged and disadvantaged with passion and compassion.

Annabel knows how to carefully analyse a prosecution case. She will look at police conduct and procedure, and identify where possible miscarriages of justice have occurred. She understands the impact that a criminal investigation has on her clients. She will prepare a case meticulously, ensuring she has a total grasp of the detail. She will work to win a case at an early stage where possible. She will be available to support and help her clients through the criminal process.

Annabel has worked as a prosecutor and defence lawyer in her years of practice. She has worked in London, Auckland, Hamilton and Rotorua. She has also conducted trials in Wellington, Whangarei and the Coromandel. She has experience with representing those charged with all kinds of serious crime. She has regularly secured successful outcomes in jury trials and sentencing Courts where defendants are charged with:

  • Rape
  • Sexual offending
  • Arson
  • Domestic Violence
  • Kidnapping
  • Drug Offending
  • Fraud
  • Perverting the course of justice; and
  • Other serious crimes

She also has experience in regulatory prosecutions such as benefit fraud, breaches of the Civil Aviation Act and Worksafe prosecutions and she regularly achieves successful outcomes for her clients in Court.

Annabel is an executive member of the Criminal Bar Association. She is often asked to assist with coaching and judging university law students who are learning Courtroom skills.

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