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Annabel Ives Notable Cases

N.B. For reasons of confidentiality client's names are only referred to by way of initial.

Murder / Manslaughter

  • R v M - Lead defence lawyer in a 2017 High Court jury trial representing her young client who was defending a charge of murder after shooting an unarmed victim at close range. Ms Ives argued that the issue of self-defence should be put to the jury to decide and was successful in her argument as the jury returned the more favourable verdict of manslaughter due to lack of murderous intent.
    This excellent result proceeded to her client receiving a sentence of six years imprisonment, eligible to be released on parole after three years, whereas if he had been convicted of murder, he would have received life imprisonment with a minimum non-parole period of 12 years. 
  • Operation Vance - A High Court jury trial representing her client who was charged with accessory after the fact to murder after it was alleged that that her client conspired to dispose of evidence. After hearing the Crown's evidence Ms Ives advanced a discharge application for her client and the Judge granted that application and her client was discharged 
  • R v Y - A murder trial in the Auckland High Court during mid 2018 involving the defence of a man charged with the murder of a pensioner (alleged by the Crown to be a drug deal gone wrong). A defence of insanity was advanced and the trial received great interest from the media after it was realised the defendant had been released from a mental health facility just days prior to the attack.

Drugs Cases

  • Operation Jericho - Her client was arrested after a large scale Police drug operation code named Operation Jerioho and was facing nine serious drugs charges, including manufacturing and supply of methamphetamine. The Police operation resulted in a lengthy multi-accused High Court drugs trial in 2014. Ms Ives achieved an excellent result for her client who was discharged on five of the nine charges at the end of the Crown case and found not guilty on the remaining four charges.
  • Operation Sylvester - This involved another lengthy, multi-accused High Court drugs trial after her client was arrested after a large scale Police drug operation code named Operation Shiloh. Ms Ives' client was discharged at the end of the Crown case due to insufficient evidence. Another excellent result as the majority of her client's co-defendants received sentences of up to 17 years' imprisonment.
  • R v K - Her client was charged with possession of methamphetamine for supply and even though the quantity involved was relatively low the charge was still considered very serious one because there was evidence of ongoing supply and could have resulted in a lengthy prison term. Ms Ives advised her client to engage with CADS (Community Alcohol & Drug Service) and commence drug rehabilitation counselling and a sentence indication hearing was advanced. After the Judge indicated a non-custodial sentence, her client accepted the indication and entered pleas of guilty and received a sentence of community detention and supervision which was the best possible result given the seriousness of the charge.