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Appeals against sentence and conviction form a vital part of our expertise. Senior members of chambers are often contacted to review criminal proceedings which have resulted in convictions or long sentences of imprisonment.  This type of review requires the barrister to carefully consider the evidence presented at trial in order to assess whether there is a chance of a successful appeal and, if so, to determine what grounds are the strongest to present to the appellate Court.

Our senior members of chambers have a wealth of experience in assessing the merits of any appeal.  We have a keen eye for detail to determine what legal submissions should be made and when factual issues require supportive documentation like affidavits from clients and other potential witnesses.

We have considerable experience of appearing before the High Court, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court. We are not only aware of the importance of clear and succinct arguments on points of law and fact but we are also well acquainted with the Court of Appeal and Supreme Court Rules which means that appeals run smoothly and are not unnecessarily delayed.

Appeals can be taken from the District Court to the High Court or from the High Court to the Court of Appeal and, in some instances, from the Court of Appeal to the Supreme Court. Appeals can be against a sentence which is considered manifestly excessive (meaning it is too harsh) or against a conviction where it can be argued there was a genuine miscarriage of justice.

Our senior members of chambers find few things more satisfying than securing a successful appeal and either having a conviction set aside or the length of their sentence reduced.