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Leading sets of criminal defence lawyers in Auckland.

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Hugh Leabourn

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Contact Info:
Phone: +64 9 300 7306
Mobile: +64 21 895 511

Legal Aid Categorisation: PAL 1-4

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Hugh Leabourn, one of the co-founders of Guardian Chambers, predominantly defends clients charged in all aspects of criminal law. He is known for his friendly manner, attention to detail and jury appeal.

Hugh was admitted to the bar in 1988 and has been practising law in New Zealand since that time other than a short period of travel overseas. He commenced his employment career working for the Crown Solicitor's office in Auckland, gaining more than 8 years' experience. Hugh joined the defence bar in 1998 specialising exclusively in criminal law. He remains on the Crown prosecution panel.

During his time with the Auckland Crown Solicitor’s office Hugh undertook a wide range of work including government department prosecutions, government department prosecutions, tax prosecution and criminal jury trials. When he left to join the defence bar he had appeared in more than 140 jury trials in both the District and High Courts in a number of serious homicide, drug and assault cases.

His trial experience at the defence bar includes offences of murder, manslaughter, serious violence, aggravated robberies, sexual offences, major drug cases and fraud matters.

Hugh has also been involved in numerous Police drug operations including Operation Mexico, Operation Illusion, Operation Webb, Operation Domino, Operation Leo, Operation Flower and Operation Twickers, Operation Ghost, Operation Ark and Operation Lime.  

Hugh has also assisted many senior barristers as second counsel on the same range of matters during his time at the defence bar.

Hugh represents clients in the District Court, High Court and the Court of Appeal. He provides a dedicated service to both privately funded matters and legally aided cases.

Hugh’s experience and knowledge of criminal law has equipped him to provide well balanced and skilful representation to numerous clients over the years. He meticulously prepares his cases and is known as an accomplished advocate who goes the extra distance to get the best result for his clients.