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Matthew Goodwin (LLB Hons) Notable Cases

N.B. For reasons of confidentiality client's names are only referred to by way of initial.

Violent Offences

  • R v L - Successful defence of young man accused of the aggravated robbery of a business man, committed jointly with a drug addicted ex con who gave evidence for the Crown. Jury accepted defence that client was not involved in assaulting and taking property from the complainant.
  • R v R - Successful defence of client accused of aggravated robbery of takeaway bar owner in central city. Defence was mistaken identification. Verdict of not guilty.
  • R v G - Client was charged jointly with kidnapping and injuring drug dealer. Defence was that complainant was not detained nor injured by client. Verdict of not guilty on both charges.
  • R v P-A - Client charged with the attempted murder of a Police officer investigating sexual violation complaints by inflicting stab wounds to the face, wounding that officer with intent to cause grievous bodily harm, threatening to kill another officer who subsequently attended the scene and three counts of sexual violation against his partner, including rape. Verdicts of not guilty on those charges, except wounding charge, resulting in dramatically lower sentence.
  • R v M - Successful defence of young man charged as principal offender with 15 other defendants who attended party in South Auckland where three party goers were seriously assaulted. Client was discharged on three counts prior to trial as a result of defence pre-trial application, including wounding and was acquitted at trial on remaining charge of injuring with intent to injure.

Sexual Offences

  • R v A - Successful defence of client charged with three charges of sexual violation and threatening to kill complainant who attended kava party to serve alcohol. Three separate defences were run including consent, reasonable belief in consent to several charges and complete fabrication on remaining charges. Verdicts of not guilty on all four charges.
  • R v W - Successful defence of man charged with having sex with underage teenage friend on multiple occasions. At trial defence was that client had taken reasonable steps to ascertain that she was over 16 years and consented. Acquitted on all charges.
  • R v S - Successful defence of young man charged with separate rapes of two ex-girlfriends in remote locations. Defence was that both complainants had colluded to fabricate their accounts and strenuous efforts were made to access files held by the Police relating to statements they had made containing inconsistencies. Defence applied prior to trial for access to information held by a third party, court granted access and in light of that information discharged client on both charges.
  • R v CL - Successful defence of client charged with sexually violating his stepdaughter over lengthy period. Defence was that allegations were complete fabrication. Verdicts of not guilty on all charges.
  • R v C - Successful defence of client charged with sexual violating his niece. Following extensive pre-trial applications by defence to lead evidence sourced from CYFS file confirming complainant’s propensity to lie and undermine her placements with foster parents - Judge discharged client prior to trial.

Health & Safety (OSH)

  • DOL v N - Company prosecuted for substandard safety measures in warehouse, resulting in employee’s death following fall from forklift. Successfully prevented company directors being prosecuted. Fines on company substantially reduced due to defence submissions, including early guilty plea and remedial steps taken to address deficiencies.
  • DOL v JR - Client was employee in charge of work site signage for major roading company, jointly charged with using substandard safety measures on site following death of motorist. As result of defence presented at defended hearing, DOL dropped some charges, client pleaded guilty to remaining charges and modest fines were imposed.

Drug Offences

  • R v S (Operation McGraw) - Successful defence of client jointly charged with his girlfriend for importation and possession for supply of pseudoephedrine received from China in drawer units. At Two week trial the defence was that client had no knowledge that those units contained drugs. Verdict of not guilty on both charges.
  • R v P (Operation Locust) - Client and three other defendants were charged with supplying methamphetamine and importing pseudoephedrine. Following negotiations with the Crown, some charges against my client were dropped. She pleaded guilty to eight supply charges and was sentenced to eight months home detention based upon my submissions and content of psychological report on her background.
  • R v N (Operation Manu) - Successful defence of client who was jointly charged with 12 other accused for supplying methamphetamine sourced from China and manufacturing methamphetamine. Defence argued on pre-trial application that client should be discharged for lack of evidence that she was involved in any of the alleged offending. Judge accepted that submission and discharged client on all four charges.
  • R v P (Operation Ralph) - Successful defence of client and three others charged with importing the class B controlled drug GBL from China. Defence was that client played no part in that importation. Following a three week trial, client was acquitted on both charges.
  • R v R (Operation Leo) - Successful defence of client charged with 10 charges of supplying methamphetamine as part of major drug operation involving six other accused. Defence at four week trial was that Crown could not prove that client was user of mobile phone in which text messages were sent relating to drug dealing. Jury returned verdict of not guilty on all charges.
  • R v T (Operation Twickers) - Appointed by Court as Amicus Curiae (independent advisor) in 14 week trial to assist self represented accused charged with 12 charges of supplying methamphetamine as part of crime syndicate.
  • R v H - Successful pre-trial challenge to evidence obtained under search warrant of cultivation of cannabis at farm property, warrant ruled unlawful and charges dismissed.

Fraud/Tax Evasion

  • SFO v J & WD - SFO investigation of company directors for alleged participation in complex US based Ponzi scheme. Following representations to SFO, no charges were laid.
  • SFO v MH - Company director investigated by SFO for alleged corrupt dealings with government officials relating to supply of health and safety training. Following representations to SFO, no charges were laid.
  • SFO v H - Client charged with fraudulently sourcing $180,000 from community based trust, used to repay the mortgage debt of his family trust. Successful application for home detention, avoiding imprisonment.
  • FMA v U - Prosecution of Bridgecorp director by Financial Markets Authority for misrepresentations and omissions in company prospectuses resulting in multimillion dollar losses to investors. Negotiations with Crown resulted in significant charges being dropped and short term of imprisonment for client.
  • R v Z - Successful defence at two week trial of client jointly charged with her husband with money laundering relating to funds received in their bank account, allegedly from criminal activities. Defence based on lack of knowledge of unlawful activity, which jury accepted.
  • IRD v M - Client investigated by IRD for major tax evasion involving failure to account for GST and income tax allegedly involving multiple “shell” entities and false invoicing in agricultural industry. Following representations to IRD, no charges were laid.