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Two men accused of beating a man and leaving him hog-tied to fatally asphyxiate in his Sandringham home have been found guilty of manslaughter.

Lester Cordwell, of Guardian Chambers fought hard in a recent High Court murder trial to get the jury discharged, due to the current social distancing requirements. The trial Judge disagreed.

Defence lawyer Matthew Goodwin appearing at Auckland High Court for the sentencing of his client convicted of murdering pensioner says a judge's call for a review of his mental health care should be irrefutable.

Under cross examination Matthew Goodwin asked the director of acute mental health unit why their client was not kept as a patient for longer when just three days after his release he kills someone.

Defence lawyer, Echo Haronga speaks to Aaron Smale on racism and inequality issues across justice, economy and health sectors in New Zealand

Annabel Cresswell was successful in achieving a discharge without conviction in the High Court at Auckland. For her young client who was charged with kidnapping and burglary.

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