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Sentencing Hearings

Sentencing Hearings

When an accused person admits responsibility for an offence, or if they are found guilty, a sentencing hearing will be set down in which a Judge will pass sentence for a particular crime.

Members of chambers appear at sentencing hearings on a weekly basis and are highly familiar with the types of written and oral submissions that the Court requires for sentencing hearings which will allow the presiding Judge to view the client in the best possible light.

Our barristers recognise and identify the mitigating features to sentencing judge in order to give their clients the best chance of a fair sentence. That requires careful analysis of the facts of the case, consideration of the probation report, meetings with the client and their family and an assessment of the prosecution submissions. 

We have access to sentencing digests and databases which allow us to find the most relevant sentencing authorities to present to the Court by way of comparison with the case that we are arguing at the time.

We recognise that prison is a last resort for sentencing Judges but sometimes when serious offences are admitted or if a client is found guilty then we will strive to obtain the fairest sentence for the client and their families.