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Bail Applications

Members of Guardian Chambers recognise that more often than not the first question asked by a client who is accused of a criminal offence is “Will I be able to get bail while I wait for my charges to be heard?”

Due to busy court schedules the wait for trial can often be many months and sometimes extend to well over a year. Therefore, a client’s bail concerns are completely understandable especially when one considers that the fundamental concept of our criminal justice system is the presumption of innocence.

All of the Barristers at Guardian Chambers recognise that an individual’s liberty is of the utmost importance to not only the client but their family members. With that principle in mind members of Chambers will do everything possible to secure bail for their clients pending hearing of their case.

All of our Barristers make weekly bail applications for clients charged with the entire range of criminal offences. We all are acutely aware of the kinds of bail conditions that are acceptable to the courts as a way of relieving certain concerns that the Prosecution may have if bail is granted.

Our Barristers are extremely familiar with every provision of the Bail Act which sets out the criteria that has to be considered during all bail applications. The structure of the bail application and the judgement and advocacy of counsel often leads to bail being granted in even the most serious of charges.

Often bail applications should not be made immediately because certain preparations have to be advanced before a realistic bail application can be made which gives the client the best possible chance of receiving bail from the court. In those cases we will explain what is required before a bail application can be made with the best chance of success. You will always be given clear and honest advice as to your chances of receiving bail.

Not everyone is granted bail pending their trials or hearing (due to many different types of circumstances both of the accused and the specific charge). However the preparation and advocacy of Guardian Chambers Barristers will give clients the best possible chance of being released on bail in order to carry on with their lives before the hearing without being incarcerated.