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Murder / Manslaughter

Murder / Manslaughter

These charges are often regarded as the most serious of all criminal allegations. Guardian Chambers barristers have considerable experience acting on major murder and manslaughter cases on behalf of the defence.

Often these trials are reported in the media and receive a great deal of attention. Due to experience gained from many trials involving murder allegations, the barristers of Guardian Chambers have a reputation for providing clear advice to accused and dealing with family members of the accused in a sensitive, human manner.

Murder and manslaughter allegations are usually complex and involve a considerable amount of evidence obtained as a result of large police investigations. Members of Guardian Chambers are experienced in considering sizeable amounts of information and being able to focus on the issues important to the defence of their clients.

Trials will often involve detailed examination of forensic issues presented by experts and sometimes allegations against other co-accused. Senior members of Guardian Chambers understand the laws of evidence relating to expert opinion evidence and the rules regarding the appropriate questioning of a client’s associates who may be charged with the same crime.

Members also have a thorough knowledge of associated mental health issues and all possible defences to murder ranging from self-defence to cases of mistaken identity. Guardian Chambers has full access to a range of experts who can assist them in the preparation of a client’s defence.

Murder and manslaughter cases usually involve the lead barrister working with second counsel from chambers, together with investigators and forensic experts.  This enables a team approach in defences for manslaughter.