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Drug Offences

The importation, manufacturing, and supply (including selling) of class A, B and C controlled drugs are offences that are more prevalent today than at any time in the past. Charges relating to these matters require a wide range of specialised advocacy and forensic skills. There are also often additional issues relating to confiscation of assets and proceeds of crime which need careful attention.

Drug offences often involve large volumes of complex and detailed evidence such as wiretapping, mobile phone cell site analysis and interpretation of information obtained by the Police as a result of interception warrants including text communications and telephone calls between accused and other parties.

Members of Chambers have extensive expertise and experience in defending clients in some of the most serious drug operations over the past 15 years. They have the skills to assess the prosecution case, thoroughly prepare a defence and present extremely forceful arguments to juries who ultimately decide a client’s case.

The vast experience of our Barristers means that they can readily unearth evidence that should be the subject of legal challenge. Such evidence can, at times, be ruled inadmissible and then form no part of the case against the client. Illegal statements and searches are only two areas that members of Chambers have challenged with real success.

Guardian Chambers can provide counsel with a wide range of experience at every level of drug offence, from street dealers through to serious drug conspiracies, manufacture and large scale importation of illegal drugs. Additionally, the Chambers can also provide advice and representation to deal effectively with hearings in relation to confiscation of assets and funds under the Criminal Proceeds (Recovery Act).