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Sexual Offences

Sexual Offences

Guardian Chambers is committed to providing a high quality defence for serious sexual offences. Our members of chambers have experience in serious sexual cases and continually demonstrate the necessary skills to successfully defend clients accused of sexual offending. 

Those skills include: understanding clients who are suffering the natural stress of facing such charges; sensitivity in cross-examining vulnerable witnesses (particularly children); thorough care in the overall preparation for the defence of sexual charges and skilled and incisive presentation in Court.

Often the credibility of the complainant is the main issue at trial and it is necessary to raise inconsistencies during cross-examination and highlighting possible reasons for false allegations.

Members of chambers will provide timely and well-considered advice to clients and investigators (when necessary) on the lines of enquiry to pursue in the preparation of a defence. This advice will be given against the background of the complexities of the Evidence Act and Victim’s Rights legislation. We go to great lengths to ensure the relevant information is disclosed to us from the police and other government agencies. That way we can be sure we have everything at hand to mount the strongest possible defence.

We understand the importance of thorough preparation, measured and well-timed cross-examination and strongly presented arguments to judges and juries.