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Violent Offences

Violent Offences

Our barristers regularly represent clients who are charged with the entire range of violent offences, ranging from common assault to grievous bodily harm and aggravated robbery. We can therefore readily identify, after consultation with the client, whether there is a possible defence to the charge.

Defences can range from mistaken identity to lack of intention to self-defence or the defence of another. Some of these defences can be used together. At other times it is more appropriate for the focus to be on only one defence.

We understand the importance of making challenges to the nature and quantity of the evidence presented by the prosecution as it is not uncommon for there to be deficiencies in the prosecution case which opens the door to a successful challenge to evidence which can result in a case being dismissed.

When matters go to trial the complainant and Police witnesses will be cross-examined about what they heard and saw and their other perceptions of the incident. Often the jury decide whether or not a particular assault was justified and whether the client's actions were reasonable in the circumstances especially when the defence alleges the client acted in self-defence.

An aggravated robbery is a theft accompanied by violence that is aggravated by any number of factors including the presence of two or more people to commit the robbery or the use of weapons in the robbery such as knives or guns.

In aggravated robbery cases the barrister knows to focus on what role, if any, the accused played in the offence and whether they had knowledge of the plan involving others or weapons. Sometimes a client can be in the vicinity of an aggravated robbery without having any knowledge of it occurring prior to its commission.

Often identification is a major issue in serious aggravated robberies and other violent offences. We are accustomed in cross-examining eye witnesses as to what they heard and saw on the day in question. Skilled cross-examination can often highlight the fact that although a witness is honest their identification is less than reliable because they have made an honest and human mistake during a time of stress.