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Guardian Chambers has experience in acting on behalf of individuals and also companies and other business entities accused of fraud and serious dishonesty offences such as money laundering, tax evasion, false accounting and other dishonest financial dealings.

We are often contacted prior to a client being charged and give advice when the Police, Serious Fraud Office ("SFO") or other government agencies are still in the investigation stage of the proceedings.

Defence of fraud charges often requires Barristers to read large volumes of documentation which the prosecution intends to rely upon to prove the allegation of dishonesty which is at the heart of even the largest fraud case. Members of Chambers have significant experience in analysing vast amounts of paperwork and data which purports to show a client has been dishonest in their financial transactions.

Careful assessment of documentation allows the Barrister to determine what the prosecution case is against the client and to focus on how to answer problems disclosed by financial records and other paper work. Certain allegations require specific answers be given by the client to the Barrister. At other times financial experts such as forensic accountants will be required to give opinions, and sometimes evidence, regarding the interpretation of certain documents and paper trails.

Barristers at Guardian Chambers are well equipped to represent clients charged with fraud offences and are well versed in all the legislation which contain provisions that set out criminal offences for dishonesty. The Crimes Act sets out a vast array of dishonesty offences such as using a document for pecuniary (financial) advantage but other legislation such as the SFO Act, the IRD and Customs Act also contain offence provisions which have as their basis dishonest financial dealings.